Paper Mache hanging Lantern

I tell you the team from Aussie Crafters made us use our thinking caps this month. We had to make a paper mache hanging lantern and I thought what the ..... am I going to do for this one. So I decided to use a balloon and make my lantern into an air balloon. All this while I am travelling I tell you, just to put a bit of preasure on  myself lol. So I used a balloon for the top part before I added the paper mache I glued yes more sticky fingers, some string onto it to make the ridges for the top. Then cover it using brown paper as that is all I had. Then for the basket part I used a bottom of a cup and tada the hot air balloon is now created. Now I thought I have to use pages from an old nursery rhyme book Mother Goose is the theme so I called on my Husband before we left home to photocopy some pages from an old book I had. I covered the balloon with some old pages from an old book and glued it on yes more sticky fingers.... then fussy cut Mother Goose out and put her on and did the same to the basket and put it all together with some pearl sting I had, put a tea light in the bottom and now you have your very fancy paper mache hanging lantern.


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