Holiday update no 2

We arrived in Wagga wagga on Thursday to an overcast and very windy conditions. Absolutely freezing and we had to set up camp. Brrr so cold and windy putting the annex up on the side of the caravan was hard we were like Mary Poppins trying to hold onto things. But we got there and now with a lovely fire we are lovely and warm.

Camp Queensland

Damper in the camp oven

Enjoying the campfire

We have been here for a few days now the National shoot has started and we had the opening ceremony today and quess what Qld won the best dressed again we have done this a few years running now.

Qld winning Best Dressed

The open team

The Vets Team

The Ladies Team

The Junior Team

Qld Team Open, Vets, Ladies and Juniors

And finally Laurie and myself on a lovely fine sunny day


  1. So super fun, especially love the camp fire! BL

  2. You all look very smart and congratulations on winning the best dressed, hope you holiday will be great!!!!

  3. Looks like you are having fun! Have a great weekend. BL

  4. That fire looks so nice. Thanks for the update. BL

  5. Looks like you're having a fun trip! BL

  6. Awe.... I can't wait to go camping! You look like you are having such a blast! I love all of the photos and the memories that you are making while camping! So fun!! Loves- Madge BL


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