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Hello everyone once again it is my turn to give you a tutorial for  Off the Rails The photo is of my daughter son and daughter-in-law a fine bunch of kids. All dressed up and off to the local races. I firstly covered my white cardstock with clear gesso.  I then used two masks, I used the circle mask first then the rose one over the top. When these where completely dry I used the Lindy's sprays and a spray water bottle to make the colours run. When this is completely dry I added some collectable flowers under the photo. My photo is 4 1/2 x 6 inches I used glue to glue to the page  I used some left over chipboard letters from my stash, painted them with white gesso.  Then covered them with clear glue and sprinkled on the glass glitter. When these where dry I went around the edges with some black ink. Add your flowers, leaves, the title and then I splashed around some black ink. Products used White cardstock Clear and white gesso Memory Maze