A week at Roma

We attended the State Skeet Championships in Roma last week and Laurie did very well for himself. He is No2 in the open team, No1 in the veterans team to attend the Skeet Nationals in Wagga next year. He also came home with another 3 red ribbons and a number of medals for his troubles. While he shot I created in our little home away from home our caravan. The weather was beautiful a bit cold in the mornings like 4 degrees brrrr. But I put up with that snuggled up in bed with the cat along side of us. lol.... Roma gun club has a stock route along side of ti and a big mob of cattle heading for the meat works came in for a drink. Here are some photos.

Out west is so dry they need rain desperately.

 This is our camp lucky we had a bit of shade in the carpark.

 And the boss of the camp. She sorted out the birds put all them in line(let them know who was boss)


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