A bit of Mixed Media

With a little push I will just say from Alicia and Mar I gave this a go, had so much fun doing this. You just let your creativity flow into what you are doing. So much fun.
This first one is one I started with Nancy Stockman http://www.nancystockmann.com when she came to visit us at the shop last month. With a gentle push, thump and a bang no Nancy is such a lovely lady, she let me create something. I did not know where to start but I liked what I saw when I finished. These pages where my own creations I used the Golden paints and pastes etc.

The Title is "I Believe in Myself"

And this was the second one:
I decided to us Tracy's prom photo I just printed the photo onto ordinary copy paper in both black and colour. I have used leftover beads and cut up one of the lace panels left over from making her dress. I have stamped, glued and sprayed and got my hands dirty. So much fun.


This is the 12x12 canvas panel I did it is still not finished not sure what to do next but I will create something I am sure.
This is heaps of fun so give it a try it is so much fun.


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