Just a few swaps

Hi everyone it is raining cats and dogs here today, very humid as well. But we really need the rain as our tanks are dry as a bone and the rain will fill them right to the top. This month I decided to enter into some swaps at Scrapbook and Crafters Community this is a closed group on facebook. I have done an altered paint brush which I have always wanted to give a go but I am liking it so much I do not want to give it to my swap partner. But I would not be so mean it is in the mail today. I made sure when I bought the paint brush it had a hole in the handle so it could be hung on the wall. My swap partner likes purple, cream and dusty pink so I used those colours for the colour scheme.

My second thing I entered was an ATC card swap for those who do not know what one of these are the cards measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches and you decorate the front and on the back put who you are what the swap is etc. I keep one for myself and post the rest to the person who has organised the swap and I will get five back from other people. This is a lovely way to see what different styles everyone has. There was a theme to this swap you had to choose what is your favourite season mine is summer.

And of course lucky last. I have made 8 fairy tags each one different and the same things happens here to you keep one for yourself and post the rest to the person organizing the swap.

And here is the back of my tag.


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