I am Back

Hi everyone sorry I have had a bit of time off. I am back now and ready to roll. October was a very happy and also a very sad month for me. On the Happy Note my son Michael and his long time girlfriend Phebe finally got married on the 6th October. It was such a lovely day they got married at the Roslyn Bay Resort in Yeppoon, they married in the garden along side of the pool. All the family where there Aunts Uncles cousins brothers and sisters and a lot of extended family, we had such a good time.
This is a lovely photo of us all Mum Dad and the kids.

 Michael his Grandma, and Great Aunty Cheryl they had arrived in one of the Mustangs, Michael had organised for the bridal party.
Now the beautiful couple Michael and Phebe Chelepy
Now on the sadder note my Dad was put into hospital a week before the wedding and could not come so we took the wedding party to him, he was so happy he even cried as did all of us.
Now on an even sadder note my dad passed away on the 15th October nine days after the kids where married all he wanted was to make it for their wedding he was so proud of them and we wipped tears away from his eyes. He could not talk as the cancer had spread rapidly from his lung through his body and organs. We all new he was a happy man. RIP Dad loves ya heaps.....


  1. Hi Candy, great to see you back. Looking forward to seeing your creative output.


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