A bit of Art Journaling

Hi girls I am back after 2 weeks holiday and ready to get stuck into everything again. Went back to work yesterday that was a bit hard, but made it though the morning. Taught my card class then off to the dentist for a clean and  exrays. Was a very brave girl, simply hate the dentist. But everyone there are simply lovely and very understanding.
Well didn't get much done while I was away, just fixed up my La La stamps put them in order and into 2 big ring binders. Do not let me buy anymore and guess what I did yesterday they are so cute. I took stuff for me to do but to much socializing for me.
On Saturday I created an at jounal page. Love was the theme, seems I completely missed Valentines day we where travelling. And when you are on the road one day goes into the other.
The quote says:
When you smiled you had my undivided attention
When you said you loved me You had my heart forever.


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